USB-C Adapters

Versatile USB-C adapters that you carry everywhere

Provide all the ports you need for the desktop environment.

Everything you need for the road warriors.

Offsite presentation?  VGA? DVI? HDMI?  This tiny dongle saves the day for you.

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Modern notebooks now equipped with minimal number of ports for maximum portability.  Not enough ports for external monitors, hard drive, gigabit Ethernet, and other accessories,  Yogi Basic USB-C products allows to enjoy all your external devices.

Works for MacBook Pro

versatility guaranteed

Yogi Basic USB-C products works with all MacBook Pros with USB-C Ports.

Works for iPad Pros

Ditch Your Notebook

Yogi Basic USB-C products works with iPad Pros with USB-C Port.  (Learn More)

  • External Display
  • Ethernet
  • Power Delivery

Works for Business Pros

road warrior

This is the Swiss army knife of USB-C.  It’s compact, and has all the ports that need for a successful presentations.

Works for PCs

More power to you

Modern ultra-portable PC notebooks are great for your back but not so great for expansion.  Yogi Basic USB-C docks will allow you to have all ports you need when you are in the office.